The Fastest Way to Create YouTube Shorts. 500 FREE Monetizable YouTube Shorts in 35 Minutes.

The fastest way to create YouTube Shorts.

Channels all over the world are evolving with the times and creating daily content but how are they doing it?  Well here at The Solopreneur Guide, we have researched and looked into niches that have started to rocket in recent months. 

Just check this out and see these monthly earnings.

YouTube Shorts Channel Passive Income

Thats right, this channel is making between 1k – 16k income per month just from YouTube ad revenue. This is one of a few I have come across and this is actually the smallest I could find! But the question is how?

A few years ago YouTube released its new “Shorts” platform, where creators can create and engage with mobile-optimized content. Months later they started to monetize the Shorts platform. This means there is some money to be had! Today we will show you how you can kickstart and make youtube shorts content by showing you the fastest way to create YouTube Shorts in 2023

What have they done to reach these figures?

Looking closely, they are making daily shorts, based on motivational quotes, shower thoughts, and other quotes. But wait, that’s not the clever part… from viewing as many videos and shorts as I could get my eyes on, I noticed one very obvious but extremely clever tactic. 

Secret Sauce

If you know anything about YouTube, it loves viewer retention. (How long the viewer’s eyes are on each video). They created 13-second long YouTube short video with half a quote that sets intrigue (so your viewer wants to read the second half) and at 10 seconds it shows the second part. So most viewers end up watching 80% of the total short. Most rewatch the video as they didn’t have time to read the second part. 

This is genius for two reasons. First, by keeping viewers hooked until the end. Second, your YouTube short video will be suggested and shown on feeds maximizing your new reach for views, subscribers, and then eventually, income. Both of these then work together to create the Secret Sauce!

With this HUGE YouTube Shorts secret (you’re welcome…) you too can invest your time and in the future, create another income from this business model. The question is do you want to fork out hundreds of hours creating individual YouTube Shorts for daily viewers? If your answer is no (which will be 99% of you) then you’re about to learn how to make YouTube short videos fast! With the added benefit… it will be FREE! 

How to make batches of YouTube Shorts in minutes.

In this article where you will learn the fastest way to create YouTube Shorts you will find out;

  • How to create YouTube Shorts scripts with Chat GPT?
  • Where to find free background footage for YouTube Shorts.
  • How to create YouTube Shorts in Minutes.
the fastest way to create youtube shorts

By the way, I will be linking a couple of tools to this article that you will need to perform this task, they do have premium features, however, we only need the free accounts to produce what we need.

How to create youtube shorts scrips with Chat GPT?

Creating these “captions” for your videos would be difficult to do in a short space of time. This is fine for us as late in 2023 ai (Artificial Intelligence) was released to the public to use freely. If you haven’t heard of this then where have you been? 

So using Chat GPT we will create YouTube Shorts captions. To do this, visit the Chat GPT site. Log in using your Google account. You’re ready to get started!

With Chat GPT, you need to add prompts, in some cases 2 or 3 to set up to spit out the correct answers. This task is no different. 

To get started you are going want to head over to Chat GPT and start by typing the prompt;

(Feel free to copy and paste and change to fit your niche)

“I would like you to create some quotes in the style I am going to teach you. The quotes need to be in two parts. The first part is where I want to make people intrigued to know the second part. 

Here are some examples;

Example one:

First Part;

Money doesn’t grow on trees but…

Second Part;

It can be made from hard work

Example two:

First Part;

If you ever have low thoughts….

Second Part;

Remember you are one day better than you were yesterday

If you understand this say yes”

Once chat GPT comes back with “YES”

Then ask;

“Okay, please give me an example of a quote”

It will give one.

Now here’s the fun part! It’s time to tailor it to your niche. For example, TSG is about money and solopreneurship. So the next prompt will go like this;

“Okay, I want the quotes to be about money, success, and power. The target audience is people in their twenties. Can you give me one example for each theme “Money” ”Success” and “Power”.

Once you see that chat GPT understands, you now need to create multiple quotes. 

To do this add the following prompt. 

“Very good, now I want you to create 30 quotes in the same style the theme “money” ” success ” and ” power ” and characterize them into a table in three columns labeled “theme type” “first part” and “second part”.”

It will then do this for you, keep asking to create 30 more in the same style. Before you know it you’ll have 400-500 youtube shorts scripts ready to go! “Copy” and “paste” these into a google sheets document ready for step two!

How to create bulk content in Canva.

Opening up Canva, you need to search for the YouTube short video templates you can create youtube shorts on pc. Then open a blank template. Change the timing to 13 seconds Then add two text boxes. Label them P1 and P2 (to see this in-depth make sure to check out the video!). Also, make sure to add your branding and watermark.

Right-click on P1, go to show timing and change the duration to end at 9 seconds. Do the same with P2 however, change this to start at 11 seconds. 

Once you have this, go over to the left side and click on the apps button. This will then open up a search bar. We are looking for “Bulk” select this. This is where you add all the info from Chat GPT, You will see why we needed to put it into table format. 

Click “enter data manually”. Here’s your table!

Clear the table by clicking “Clear the table.” Go over to your sheets page and “copy” and “paste” as many rows as you would like. Remember to rename the top three columns to Theme, P1, and P2. Click “enter” or continue. 

Next, you want to highlight and right-click on P1 on the template, and click “connect data” > P1. Do this with P2 and then click “continue.”

Make sure all are ticked, and click “generate.”

Where to find free video clips to use in YouTube Short video’s?

You are now ready to find some high-quality background footage for your youtube short video. This can be from multiple copyright-free sites, however, today we will be using Pexels. Simply search for inspirational backgrounds or epic views and download as many videos as you can! (Make sure they are at least 13 seconds long).

Import them to Canva and drag and drop them onto each quote!

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Multiple YouTube short videos in minutes! Now you can upload your YouTube Shorts video, via an automated scheduler or by doing it yourself! Keep up with this and go with the flow! Patience is a must when it comes to YouTube. You need to understand that it can take months or even years to build up a channel, along with discipline, you are guaranteed to find a way to become successful and win in this youtube world!

If you are concert whether doing this is Legal (Which it is) but unsure of what is and what is not, check out this article here, which explains the two ways of YouTube Automation and whether it is legal.


What is the best YouTube Shorts app?

As for this article (Mass batch making), Canva is well suited. However, for general everyday use, cap cut is also a user favorite.

Can this be used for TikTok shorts?

Yes! This can be used for TikTok videos or shorts. In theory, it is also the fastest way to create TikTok videos. For youtube shorts TikTok.

Can you get paid for YouTube shorts?

The simple answer is yes, you can make money from youtube shorts. However YT shorts are monetized a different way, so your income would be slightly lower.

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